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Takarék Index follows the evolution of the Hungarian housing market continuously. The regular, quarterly updates of Takarék Index ensure that our analyses reflect the changes in the Hungarian housing market most appropriately.

To meet international real estate trends and our clients' demand, our investigations and services in relation with Takarék Index product family are under permanent renewal and revision.
Below you may read about the latest features of Takarék Index.

Global Property Guide

The latest values of Takarék House Price Index showing the evolution of Hungarian house prices in 2010 were source for Global Property Guide's country statistics updates on Hungary. GPG is one of the world's leading independent market researchers engaged in residential property, their analyses covering  the entire World.  Already in their previous analyses of Hungary, GPG has cited Takarék House Price Index as a reliable indicator of the Hungarian housing market. For GPG's latest analysis go to:  http://www.globalpropertyguide.com/real-estate-house-prices/H#hungary


RICS - European Housing Review 2010

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors published the latest edition of its annual report, the European Housing Review 2011. The report is well known among experts of the real estate market.

Last year, not long after the first introduction of Takarék House Price Index, the RICS already used the Index as a reference tool in its assessment of the Hungarian market. The new edition follows suit - information provided by the latest Takarék House Price Index (issued in February 2011) is an important source for RICS analysis on Hungary.

Click here to download RICS: European Housing Review 2011.


Bazel II. development

Development of our mass appraisal model using factor analysis is in progress. The well documented methodology enables us to appraise the value and validity of real estate collaterals with more accuracy. By using this method, we can determine the actual value of real estates even if they are located in areas where very few transactions occur thus real prices are scarce.

Our database covering the whole country and the methodological development of Takarék Index make Takarék able to provide help to the banking sector to comply with collateral re-valuation regulations under Basel II [Government Decree No 196/2007 on the Management of Credit Risk and the Calculation of Credit Risk Capital Requirement]. The procedure – which conforms to international standards and can also be supported by documented methodology if required by authorities – is highly useful: based on the modern, internal valuation methodology capital requirement of credit risk can be reduced substantially, thus excess capital can be freed.

Click here to see our services related to collateral re-valuations under Basel II


Latest issue of Takarék House Price Index has been published

  • According to the latest processed figures of the Takarék House Price Index, the average index value for 2011 was 172.1, whereas the same figure for Q1 in 2012 is 170.2.
  • House prices declined by 1.9% in 2011, in real terms by 5.5%.
  • House prices showed a nominal decrease of 0.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2011 and 2.6% compared to the same period in 2011

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