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Basel II Revaluation

Our database covering the entire country and the methodological development of Takarék Index make Takarék able to provide help to the financial sector to fulfil the collateral re-valuation obligations under Basel II (Government Decree No 196/2007 on the Management of Credit Risk and the Calculation of Credit Risk Capital Requirement). We are proud that our service has already been ordered by a number of Hungarian banks, subsidiaries of big international financial institutions.

The banks will need to comply with the strict regulations in the future too, it is, therefore, useful to apply the procedure that conforms to international standards and can also be supported by documented methodology if required by authorities. For the implementation of the modern, internal valuation methodology, it is preferable to use a model that is based on transactional data and documented methodology whereby efficient and mass re-valuation becomes possible. By using this model, credit risk capital requirement can be reduced substantially, excess capital can thus be freed.

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