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Takarék Agricultural Land Price Index 2013

Takarék Agricultural Land Price Index, a member of the Takarék Index product family, is a free annual publication providing in-depth analysis of land price development in Hungary, first published at the end of 2010. The current (fourth) issue is based on transaction-level data up to the third quarter of 2013. Unlike the quarterly published Takarék Real Estate Price Index, the Agricultural Land Price Index is updated on an annual basis. By presenting and interpreting the available data, the Takarék Agricultural Land Price Index aims to facilitate professional dialogue, and provide reliable information on land market trends to the general public.

The Takarék Group offers a full range of services and expertise to agricultural businesses, leveraging its decade long experience in agricultural lending and valuation. Preferential lending to SMEs under the Funding for Growth Scheme (FGS2), introduced by the Central Bank of Hungary (CBH), continues to be available in 2014. The full annual loan rate  of FGS2 is a mere 2.5%. SMEs may request it to fund investments, finance working capital, and acquire land. From January 2014, FGS2 is open to private entrepreneurs and agricultural producers.

1. Takarék Agricultural Land Price Index: a further increase

Based on the data for 2012 and the first three quarters of 2013, the growth trend in agricultural land prices continued. The evolution of the Takarék Agricultural Land Price Index is presented on Figure 1.

FHB Agricultural Land Price Index

Figure 1. The Takarék Agricultural Land Price Index, nominal and deflated by CPI (Source: Takarék Index)

The price of agricultural land increased by more than 11.6% in the first three quarters of 2013; the value of the nominal index reached 255.6 points from 100 in the base year (2000), and 229 in 2012.

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