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FHB House Price Index

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Zsombor Incze
Head of Project
FHB Mortgage Bank Plc.

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Zsolt Molnár
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
FHB Real Estate Ltd.
Directorate of Real Estate Valuation

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E-mail: Molnar.Zsolt@fhb.hu

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Béla Kappéter
FHB Mortgage Bank Plc.

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E-mail: Kappeter.Bela@fhb.hu

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FHB House Price Index

  • House prices are currently at their early 2008 level, barely 1.5 percent below their pre-crisis peak
  • Since April 2014 through end of 2015  residential property prices increased by approximately 28 percent in both nominal and real terms.
  • From  2016  significant  increase is expected in newbuild dwellings due to VAT reduction (from 27 to 5 %). The new  family housing allowance (CSOK) will also stimulate the mortgage market.

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