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Download Takarék Home Price Index 2018Q3 2019. February 19.

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FHB Index renamed to Takarék Index 2018. July 31.

In the process of integrating FHB Group into Takarék Group, FHB Index has also received a new name: Takarék Index

2017Q3 – Momentum on the housing market is not diminishing 2018. July 31.

House Price Index level is more than 26 percent higher than it was at the peak before the crisis

Takarék Land Price Index 2017 2018. July 31.

2016 brought continuous growth in prices on the agricultural land market

2017Q2 – Housing market speeding up further 2018. July 31.

In the first half of 2017 the house prices continued to grow in all regions of Hungary, with Central Hungary leading in the rise.

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Takarek House Price Index

  • House prices are currently at their early 2008 level, barely 1.5 percent below their pre-crisis peak
  • Since April 2014 through end of 2015  residential property prices increased by approximately 28 percent in both nominal and real terms.
  • From  2016  significant  increase is expected in newbuild dwellings due to VAT reduction (from 27 to 5 %). The new  family housing allowance (CSOK) will also stimulate the mortgage market.

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