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FHB House Price Index for 2013 Q4 2014. July 14.

In 2013 house prices have decreased by 6.4% (8% in real terms) compared to the previous year.

FHB Agricultural Land Price Index for 2013 2014. April 02.

Significant price increase recorded in 2013.

FHB House Price Index for 2013 Q3 2014. April 02.

Nominal prices are 6,1 % less in 2013 than in the previous year

FHB House Price Index 2013. August 16.

FHB House Price Index for 2013 Q1 and a summary of the European housing market trends.

FHB House Price Index 2012 2013. May 21.

Residential house prices in Hungary continued to decrease in 2012.

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FHB House Price Index

  • FHB Index stood at 154.91 point at the 4th quarter in 2014
  • The number of building permits issued in 2013 was on a record low level
  • The housing market in 2014 will be divided,  we forecast a turnaround at selected regions, whereas stagnation will continue at   economically depressed areas.

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